NODE Sensor Platform

Don’t we all like sensors doing the magic around us ? Be it temperature, pressure, humidity, gas content, infrared sensors etc, it’s wonderful how sensors have made life easy for us. But for most of us, the behind-the-scenes is very scary. Not anymore. Presenting NODE by Variable Technologies.

NODE is a sensor platform which can be used to sense almost anything and displays the readings on your smartphone. It is a small device which can adopt the role of any sensor you wish, like a temperature sensor, a colour sensor or maybe even a motion sensing device. NODE comes with various interchangeable sensors which can have infinite applications. For now, the available sensors are Chroma (measures colours), Therma (measures any surface temperature using infrared thermometer), Clima (measures climatic conditions like pressure, humidity), Luma (a flashlight module) and Oxa (an industrial gas sensor). Oh and did I mention, you can also use it as a motion sensing game controller. The device lasts for about 30 days on a single charge and connects with your phones/tablets via Bluetooth.

What’s more exciting ? It’s an OPEN platform. So you, me or anyone can build the hardware and software for new applications. Let’s keep a watch where this one lands up in a few years from now. For more information check out the video below :

iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C : Which one do you prefer ?

So the wait for the new iPhone 5S and 5C is finally over. Apple has taken quite a radical step moving from it’s monotone product line to absolutely wonderful colours with the 5C. The 5S also will be available in Metallic Gold. The most striking technological advancement on 5S (apart from the iOS 7 , iSight camera which is on both phones ) is the much-rumoured fingerprint scanner which has been brilliantly embedded within the popular circular button. Premium security.

The whole point of launching a cheaper iPhone 5C was probably to get more market share. But with the 5C without-contract starting at about $550, just a $100 below the 5S, it would be interesting to see if the strategy works for Apple. Anyways, let’s forget about that now. On first thoughts, which one would you prefer ?

iPhone 5S

The 3 colour variants available in the iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

The five colour variants available in the iPhone 5C