NODE Sensor Platform

Don’t we all like sensors doing the magic around us ? Be it temperature, pressure, humidity, gas content, infrared sensors etc, it’s wonderful how sensors have made life easy for us. But for most of us, the behind-the-scenes is very scary. Not anymore. Presenting NODE by Variable Technologies.

NODE is a sensor platform which can be used to sense almost anything and displays the readings on your smartphone. It is a small device which can adopt the role of any sensor you wish, like a temperature sensor, a colour sensor or maybe even a motion sensing device. NODE comes with various interchangeable sensors which can have infinite applications. For now, the available sensors are Chroma (measures colours), Therma (measures any surface temperature using infrared thermometer), Clima (measures climatic conditions like pressure, humidity), Luma (a flashlight module) and Oxa (an industrial gas sensor). Oh and did I mention, you can also use it as a motion sensing game controller. The device lasts for about 30 days on a single charge and connects with your phones/tablets via Bluetooth.

What’s more exciting ? It’s an OPEN platform. So you, me or anyone can build the hardware and software for new applications. Let’s keep a watch where this one lands up in a few years from now. For more information check out the video below :

“Technossories” : Wearable Gadgets

Everyone wears accessories these days. While most of these accessories are just to complement your look, some have important functions like improving your vision or telling you the time. However, they are generally taken for granted. But time has now come for these accessories to interact with you. Welcome “Technossories” ! SoupTub brings to you a list of wearable gadgets which are already or soon will be available in the stores near you. Take a look :

1. Google Glass

One of the most talked about and anticipated of all of them, Google Glass. I don’t need to talk about it much, just a picture below. You can find out more about it here.

2. Samsung Galaxy Gear (Smartwatch) 

Samsung is due to commercially launch it’s latest invention – Galaxy Gear – a smartwatch on 25th September. Yes, get ready for it. But make sure you have either of these Samsung Note 3 (releasing on the same date), Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Edition or (after updating with Android 4.3) Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2 and of course $299 to buy it. Check the hands-on review here .

3. Rusty’s Wired Series Fleece Hoodies

This fleece hoodie features a wired pair of earphones already fitted inside. So no more hassling around with earphones which get intertwined or putting them from underneath your jackets. Moreover, these earphones are waterproof and washable, so you don’t need to remove them when throwing your fleece for a wash.

4. Interactive T-shirts

This new type of geeky t-shirt has a sound equaliser built-in which reacts to the sounds around you. Stand out from the crowd when going to a party or to a concert. Oh about washing them, they are not waterproof, you just need to remove the electronic board before throwing them in.

5. USB Cufflinks

Now impress someone in James Bond style. Suave, sophisticated, stylish, these cufflinks can turn into pen drives when needed. And yes, you won’t even forget your pen drive anywhere easily. These cufflinks come in gold or gunmetal and can be engraved with your initials also. The total cost of the package is about $100.

6. iWallet

Though not exactly wearable, but a wallet does form an important part of the accessory list. The iWallet is one of the ultimate-in-security wallet available in the market. Equipped with a biometric scanner and bluetooth technology to prevent thieves, this wallet comes in a hard-casing (carbon fibre and aluminium options available). The bluetooth pairs with your phone, and if your wallet is about 10ft away from your phone (read : pick pocketed) , the phone sounds a warning alarm. Pricing is in the range $459 to $599

7. Bluetooth Gloves (Concept stage)

This one comes from a Kickstarter project : BEARTek. While riding your bike or skiing, it’s almost impossible to reach out to your smartphone in your pocket, isn’t it ? BEARTek aims to make your life easier here. It’s a glove which has touch points to control your smartphone via bluetooth. Pick calls, change music, control volume. Check out the video here.