“Technossories” : Wearable Gadgets

Everyone wears accessories these days. While most of these accessories are just to complement your look, some have important functions like improving your vision or telling you the time. However, they are generally taken for granted. But time has now come for these accessories to interact with you. Welcome “Technossories” ! SoupTub brings to you a list of wearable gadgets which are already or soon will be available in the stores near you. Take a look :

1. Google Glass

One of the most talked about and anticipated of all of them, Google Glass. I don’t need to talk about it much, just a picture below. You can find out more about it here.

2. Samsung Galaxy Gear (Smartwatch) 

Samsung is due to commercially launch it’s latest invention – Galaxy Gear – a smartwatch on 25th September. Yes, get ready for it. But make sure you have either of these Samsung Note 3 (releasing on the same date), Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Edition or (after updating with Android 4.3) Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2 and of course $299 to buy it. Check the hands-on review here .

3. Rusty’s Wired Series Fleece Hoodies

This fleece hoodie features a wired pair of earphones already fitted inside. So no more hassling around with earphones which get intertwined or putting them from underneath your jackets. Moreover, these earphones are waterproof and washable, so you don’t need to remove them when throwing your fleece for a wash.

4. Interactive T-shirts

This new type of geeky t-shirt has a sound equaliser built-in which reacts to the sounds around you. Stand out from the crowd when going to a party or to a concert. Oh about washing them, they are not waterproof, you just need to remove the electronic board before throwing them in.

5. USB Cufflinks

Now impress someone in James Bond style. Suave, sophisticated, stylish, these cufflinks can turn into pen drives when needed. And yes, you won’t even forget your pen drive anywhere easily. These cufflinks come in gold or gunmetal and can be engraved with your initials also. The total cost of the package is about $100.

6. iWallet

Though not exactly wearable, but a wallet does form an important part of the accessory list. The iWallet is one of the ultimate-in-security wallet available in the market. Equipped with a biometric scanner and bluetooth technology to prevent thieves, this wallet comes in a hard-casing (carbon fibre and aluminium options available). The bluetooth pairs with your phone, and if your wallet is about 10ft away from your phone (read : pick pocketed) , the phone sounds a warning alarm. Pricing is in the range $459 to $599

7. Bluetooth Gloves (Concept stage)

This one comes from a Kickstarter project : BEARTek. While riding your bike or skiing, it’s almost impossible to reach out to your smartphone in your pocket, isn’t it ? BEARTek aims to make your life easier here. It’s a glove which has touch points to control your smartphone via bluetooth. Pick calls, change music, control volume. Check out the video here.

Unbelievable Travel Destinations

Have you ever wanted to travel to a place which exists only in your imagination or perhaps not even that ? Below is a list of some unbelievable travel destinations which exist in reality but of which you might not have even heard of :

1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia : World’s Larget Salt Flat (and largest natural mirror)

Located in southwest Bolivia at a height of 3,656 meters above mean sea level, this salt flat is so flat that the variation in altitude is below 1 meter over the entire area. Every year when it rains, the area is covered with a small layer of water and when that happens, it turns into a massive mirror – a brilliant natural spectacle. You can check the real video here.

2. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

No, it’s not a painting. A real life colourful landform covering southeast China. The landform consists of various landscapes which are collectively known as Danxia Landform.  In 2010, six areas of the landform were inscribed as World Heritage Site. The above picture is of the Zhangye Landform, located between Sunan and Linze County of Zhangye in China. You can see more views in this video here .

3. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Juneau, Alaska

Located in the Mendenhall Vally, Juneau, Alaska, these caves can be found below the Mendenhall Glacier. A soothing sight it is (if you can bear the cold temperature though). Check out this video here from the Cohn Family Adventures.

4. Tulip Fields , Netherlands

Who can not know about this beautiful wonder ? Colourful, well-laid, rich, these Tulip fields are one of the symbolic identities of the Netherlands.

5. Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Recheche Archipelago, Western Australia

This one is for the PINK lovers. Lake Hillier in Western Australia is a bright pink colour lake. Termed as one of the weirdest places in the world, the source for the colour has not yet been determined. The water retains it’s pink colour even when taken in a container. Upon closer look, the water in the lake is clear with a pink hue to it. Inspite of it’s pink shade, the lake is not known to have any adverse effects on humans. If you want to learn about the science behind this, this video here might help you get closer.

Let me leave you with these places for now. More Unbelievable Travel destinations will follow up soon.

iOS 7 Bug : Anyone can make a call from your locked iPhone

With the many security bugs being discovered in iOS 7, here’s another found by a Palestinian man. This bug allows anyone to make a call from your iPhone even if it is password protected. Though iPhone allows emergency calls while it is locked, this bug shows that if you continuously tap the call button, the call will ultimately go through. Check the video below for a demo :

However, the new iPhone 5S & 5C already come with a software update in which this issue has been fixed. But for those of you having the older iPhones (running on iOS 7) , this bug still exists. Beware!

Unidentified Driving Object on Russian Roads

We’ve all seen the crazy Russian Car Crash compilation videos (if you haven’t go check them out on YouTube for a laugh) , but this video here features….ermmmm something weird on 4 wheels. People are calling it The Transformer, looks more of a farm vehicle to me. What’s your take ? Check it out below :

Get ready to be Blinkwashed !

Virgin Mobile has come up with a brilliant interactive video ad to pitch it’s $35 monthly phone plan. The concept uses a webcam technology which changes the video every time you blink. The interactive experience encourages viewers to hear the entire pitch and not move away.

Ok let me not talk all of it out, if you have a webcam (and a fast internet for best results), go experience the ad yourself here .

Oyster : Will it change the way you read ?

A newly launched app, Oyster aims to become to the Netflix/Spotify of books. With a fixed monthly charge of $9.95, users have access to over 100,000 titles to read. Add to that the social element which allows you to share what you’re reading with your friends. The Oyster team also guarantees an improved typography making it easier to read from your mobile devices.

The app is currently on invitation basis only. You can go to http://www.oysterbooks.com to register for an invite or simply learn more about the app. Couple of catches , though for now :

1. It’s only for the iPhone or iPod Touch (an iPad version is expected this fall). Other device users need to wait a bit.

2. It’s only available in the United States.