Nature’s Magical Destination – Green Lake, Austria

The Green Lake in Styria, Austria is one of the most unique lake settings in the world. The emerald waters of this lake provide a very scenic sight to visitors.

So what’s unique in the scenic beauty ? Well, the beauty lies under the lake. See below :

Mystified ? Let’s demystify it then. The Green Lake turns into a park for half of the year. Or maybe, it’s the other way around. This lake is formed during spring/summer, when the snow and ice begin to melt on the Krast Mountains which surrounds this site. The clean and clear water starts flowing in and forms a lake at the foothills of the mountains. By July/August,  as autumn starts settling in, the water starts receding. By Winter, the place is totally dry, covered with snow sometimes and becomes a hiking destination for tourists.  Wonderful isn’t it ? This phenomenon is unique to the Green Lake.

Don’t believe it still ? Check out this video :

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