Weird Fruits & Vegetables around the World

Taking a break from the recent technology posts, I thought of writing something about Food – my love. Instead of posting recipes which are in abundance across the internet, I shall post about some unusual and interesting things related to Food. So here below are some interesting and wierd fruits and vegetables which you might have never imagined to exist:

1. Purple Sweet Potato

Tasting like a normal sweet potato, this one would surely surprise you when you cut it. Purple sweet potato is a native to Okinawa, Japan.

2. Buddha’s hand

This fruit is often used by Chinese and Japanese as a fragrance for their rooms/personal clothing. It get’s the name as it is usually provided as a religious offering in Buddha temples.

3. Kiwano/Horned Melon

Grown in Southern Africa, New Zealand and California, this fruit has a citrusy flavour which some say is a mix of cucumber, lime and banana. Though it’s edible it’s usually used for food decoration. It does look like a piece of art doesn’t it ?

4. Romanesco

Is it a broccoli ? Is it a cauliflower ? Well, both they say. Romanesco has a broccoli-like appearance but tastes somewhat like a cauliflower with a nutty flavour. Interesting for a soup or a gravy perhaps.

5. Dragon Fruit

Bright pink in appearance, this fruit does grab attention at the supermarket counters. Dragon fruit is a native of South and Central America. It tastes like a pear with kiwi-like crunchy seeds. Apart from it’s attractive look and perhaps taste (I haven’t tasted one), the fruit’s a rich source of fibre and vitamin C.

There are many more interesting fruits and vegetables around the world. But I prefer to limit my posts to 5 things usually. I shall keep on adding them as and when I discover them. Do let me know some weird ones which you have come across.

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